The best web and mobile solution for managing your snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle and off-road trails. Everywhere. At all times.

Provide an exceptional experience to your members with the evTrails app

An all-in-one solution for all your trails

Always with the idea of offering the best to our customers, evTrails allows organizations to manage the different trails in real time from a single dashboard.

Simplify your trail management

Designed to be user-friendly, evTrails offers you a solution to quickly and easily manage your trail data.

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Offer safety to your members on the trails

To contribute to your members’ safety feeling, offer them an app that will allow them to see the official network of trails, their real-time status and locate themselves without a network.

Enhance the experience with your members

To optimize your members’ experience, offer them an interactive map containing information such as gas stations, restaurants, attractions, and other services.

Transition to the digital era with ease

evTrails offers you scalable solutions that meet the needs of the industry without having to worry about technological development.

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evTrails in numbers

Find out how evTrails stands out across North America

133 800

km of trails updated in real time

175 000

app downloads per year

2 482 900

web map views by year

Intuitive modules interconnected for an optimal experience

Our 4 key modules have been developed to meet the different needs of organizations and their members:
Trail manager
Real-time tracking of trail status
Mobile app for members
Interactive online map

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